Inspired by industrial warehouses and brick and beam workplaces, T3 Bayside is designed with open spaces, natural light, and integrated technology. T3 Bayside will be the ultimate incubator with collaboration, coworking, and community in mind.


Wood means wellness. Large, double-height spaces enveloped with natural wood, expansive views and natural light bring the outside in, connecting tenants with nature and creating an atmosphere that fosters wellbeing. Each space inside T3 Bayside has been designed for optimal user health and wellness with a biophilic approach that connects people to nature with the goal of improving cognitive function, elevating mood and enhancing mental stamina and focus.


The T3 Bayside masterplan is a world-class example of sustainable development. Timber is a natural insulator that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enhances air quality, fostering a connection to nature with meaningful psychological and physiological benefits in the workplace. Employees care deeply about where they work and live. Environmental responsibility and making a positive impact on the environment is paramount to recruiting future talent. T3 Bayside will be built from heavy timber, a strong and highly efficient building material with a very low environmental impact.






Building Features

– 13’ floor-to-floor heights with large windows provide natural light deep into building
– Approximately 29,000 rentable square feet per typical floor
– Large, open floor plans with 45’ lease spans
– Daylight-filled, double-height lobby and interconnected amenity spaces adjacent to plaza
– Modern, highly efficient HVAC
– Elevator servicing can accommodate a density of up to 100 square feet per employee
– Designed for efficiency with fast, flexible, and future-focused technology
– Urban spaces, with natural elements and access to the outdoors
– Green roof and central plaza for socializing

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